Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm back baby!

After a year and a half of silence, I'm back from the grave. It might be a different address, but it's still me.

What caused me to break the silence? A number of things. For one, I've been contemplating getting back into the swing of writing in a blog for a couple months now - I find it very therapeutic. For another, I have also been thinking about doing more writing, potentially of the literary short story form, but I think I need to warm up my writing skills again. But the thing that really has lit the fire under me is  I've started to get a bunch of people contacting me, wanting to hear about my "experience". So in an attempt to not have to repeat the same information needlessly (my family is well aware of my feelings towards this), I've decided to provide documentation here.

Who are these people? Mostly they're undergraduates from my alma mater wanting to know the footsteps I've taken to miraculously make it through the winding journey to landing a job with my current employer. Don't get me wrong - I actually very much enjoy talking with these people. It's just there are a lot of the same questions, and if I can provide answers to common questions here, and more unique ones on the phone - this would be my preferred mode of communication.

Is that all I'm going to write about? Heavens no. But it will be the first thing. Look forward to more posts soon.

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